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FraudBuster is the world's number 1 in the fight against SIM card fraud. the company also offers telephone data analysis services


FraudBuster is the result of the merger of the solutions of FraudBuster and Calltic, the two champions of anti-fraud services for mobile network operators worldwide, with a truly disruptive approach that has earned the trust of over 150 customers.


By joining forces, the new FraudBuster publishes, operates and distributes two market-leading products: Calltic and SIMBuster, two integrated real-time fraud detection solutions based on the unique combination of big data, acoustic analysis and undetectable test calls.

  Date d’intégration : 2020
     Directeur Général : Vincent REVOL
  Localisation : Vélizy-Villacoublay (78)
  Nombre de collaborateurs : 50
  Typologies client : B to B
  Secteur d'activité de la clientèle : Opérateurs de télécommunication







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